In the course of time, many people have found out how powerful the tapping therapy is, and how EFT can change one’s life. Some individuals like to learn EFT and use the therapy on themselves to relieve stress and gain confidence. For people who want to seek help on deeper issues, such as war memories, nightmares, or childhood traumas, it is highly advisable to hire a qualified trainer from EFT Academy, or join a reliable EFT training course. The EFT technique is a useful tool to do away with painful or bad memories, so that you can lead a better and pain-free life. EFT practitioners will teach you about focusing on your problems and clearing it from the energy system.

There are many counsellors, traditional therapists, social workers, and skilled people who have been practising EFT for a long time and know how to give a proper EFT training session. Whatever the problem might be, a basic EFT course is sufficient to resolve the problem(s). Although it is easy to learn EFT, however mastering the skill will require intensive study, immense practice and of course a much deeper understanding. A professional EFT trainer will have the experience and skills to handle any issue, be it small or grave. But you need to consider few things before selecting an EFT academy.

What To Look For In A EFT Academy/Trainer

  • Class size: If the class is larger, it becomes difficult to concentrate and balance. EFT is all about emotions, so the smaller the size of the class, the more you can learn from your EFT course.
  • Claims: You need to check whether there are any claims made by individuals, or trainer or the school; this helps you to know more about the academy.
  • Video versus live learning: Although video sessions can make how to learn EFT possible, people may not gain the needed confidence. By coming to live training sessions, the trainer can point out the problems on the spot. DVD learning may explain everything about EFT, but definitely not about your personal concerns.
  • Training facilities: The academy should provide ample rest rooms and training rooms and make people comfortable about everything.
  • Tapping therapy: EFT theory is simply great, but holding tapping sessions in real-time will boost your confidence and take you to a higher level.
  • Trainer’s acts: It is imperative that you observe how the trainer is helping the trainees and how effective they are. The trainer should be able to demonstrate the use of EFT on clients and on themselves too, and able to clear all your doubts about EFT.
  • Material: If at any time you need any material to understand tapping therapy, the trainer should be able to provide everything that you need.
  • Advice: Share everything with your trainer, become friends, talk, hang around, and always feel comfortable with him/her.

Other Things To Consider

When choosing an EFT instructor or trainer, there are few things to be considered. Make sure to check whether the trainer is qualified for EFT training and knows about ‘art of delivery’. Find out if the instructor offers any phone sessions, as you might be in need of EFT advice or help any time. First impressions may form an accurate understanding about the instructor, so believe in your instincts.