Do you love foot massage? Well, the answer from most of the people will be a ‘yes’. No matter whether you have pain in your foot or not, a foot massage ensures that you get relaxed both mentally and physically. It provides pleasure to the overall body. Although most of the people might be well aware of the pleasures of foot massage, only a few of them know the reason behind it. The feet consist of a number of neurons that are connected from various body parts. Thus a massage on this part of your body relaxes all the other parts as well. The connection between each part of your feet reflexes and the corresponding body part is well depicted in a reflexology chart. Foot reflexology is an ancient therapy which comprises of both Chinese and European reflexology techniques. Apart from the pleasure that a foot massage gives you, there are many other health benefits involved with foot massage. The various benefits of foot reflexology involve reduction in pain, elimination of toxic materials from the body and decrease of the emotional stress.

The Working Of The Foot Reflexology Chart

Foot Reflexology ChartIf you have already understood what is reflexology then it is high time for you to understand the working behind it. If you analyze the neural network of foot, you will come to know that the neurons in your foot are connected to each and every part of your body. This means that massaging your foot in a specific pattern will not only affect it but it will also have some effect on the other body part which is connected to it.

A foot reflexology chart is the best way to know the connections that the other body parts have with the various areas in your foot. So if you wish to treat a specific body part then you must know the relative foot reflexology points in order to do so. For example: the left part of the foot is directly connected to heart. So massaging on the left area of your foot will also ensure that your heart stays healthy. A foot reflexology chart guide is the best way to relate various organs with the various areas on your foot. If you are already in love with foot massage then it is good for you to know that there are so many benefits included with it. The best part of this therapy is that you can easily do it on your own or have a partner to do it for you. You don’t have to rush to a physician for it.

A reflexology foot chart will give you a complete guide on what areas to treat. A reflexology chart is the best way to proceed further. You can easily get it from a physician or from the internet. When you know the organs which you want to relax, you can look up the chart for finding out the key point on your foot for that organ and start working on them for good results.

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