We human beings live in a world which is full of emotions, not just negative but positive as well. A lot of times, it happens that we read a book or watch a movie and it fill our eyes with tears, either due to joy, or because of sadness. However, even though these emotions eventually slowly fade away from our memory, the after effects still remain with us. This is the reason why thousands of years ago, the Chinese came up with an effective technique for dealing with negative emotions or powerful feelings that cause unwanted pain. Yes, we are talking about acupuncture. But, this article would take you a step ahead, by letting you know about EFT. So, what is EFT?

Well, EFT is the short form of Emotional Freedom Technique that makes use of the similar points as acupuncture. And, the best part is that it does not require any needles. The therapy has been endorsed by numerous doctors as well as other therapists around the world. In simple words, EFT therapy is about helping people rise above powerful emotions and unfavorable memories, such as phobias, war trauma, etc.

The Theory Involved

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a kind of counseling involvement that draws on numerous theories of unconventional medicine, which also includes energy medicine, acupuncture, thought field therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming.

Basically, the theory of EFT comprises of two simple processes or methods. The first process is about tuning or adjusting our mental condition in order to deal with certain issues. The second method is about the stimulation of certain meridian points which are found in our body, with the stimulation done by tapping on them using our fingertips.

If done properly, the Emotional Freedom Technique can effectively balance the unrest created in the meridian system, which in turn can bring down the healing duration involved in the usual therapy procedures by a significant level. Moreover, the basic process is quite simple and can be learned by almost everyone.

To understand the theory of EFT, it is important to understand our body’s energy system. If we want to learn EFT then this part would form the basic course. It is a fact that human body is electrical in nature. For example, when we shuffle our feet across a normal carpet and then make contact with any metallic body, then we usually witness a sudden discharge from our fingertips. So, this simple experiment certainly proves that human body is electrical in nature. Due to this flow of electricity within our body, we are able to feel the sense of touch, pain, etc. The feeling is carried along the nerves to our brain. But, why are we talking about the electrical nature of human body? And, how is it related to EFT therapy?

If truth to be told, the electrical system of our body is related to its physical health condition, and when the flow of energy stops, we are termed as dead bodies. This very fact was discovered by the Chinese about 5,000 years ago. The energy circuits in our body, which is also called as Meridians, are the main aspects of Asian health practices. And, they also form the base of modern-day acupuncture and acupressure. So, what Emotional Freedom Techniques do is that they tap on the end points of our energy meridians, which in turn allow us to experience some intense changes in our physical and emotional health. All we have to know is how to work on EFT tapping points in the right way.

Scientific Validation of EFT

The foundation of EFT comes from the amalgamation of Mind-Body Medicine and Acupuncture; both of them have hundred years of studies and scientific researches sustaining them. The efficiency of both is so amazing that the prominent institutions like Harvard, Stanford and other universities, hospitals and clinics are studying them. You can perform a simple internet research over keywords like Acupuncture Research and Mind Body Research, and you will find results of various scientific studies which validate underpinnings of Emotional Freedom Technique. In addition to this, numerous analysts have evaluated different studies on Emotional Freedom Technique and come down to various conclusions.

Few among such studies focus mainly on longer EFT protocol which has been popular even before the shorter EFT protocol tutorials start becoming mainstream. The tutorials divided the protocols into simple parts, although no substantial change regarding the potency has been noticed. And, in order to arrive at actual protocol which was used in prior researches and studies, you need to put back all the parts together. Therefore, all such researches used in previous protocols are valid today also, no matter the protocol reflects the old EFT or not.

Benefits Of Emotional Freedom Techniques

There are numerous Benefits of EFT, which can be broadly classified into four types – Emotional, Health, Quality of Life, and Personal Development. Let’s take a look before for more details:

  • Emotional Benefits – EFTs can effectively help in dealing with stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, phobias, confusion, self-doubt, grief, guilt, lack of confidence, trauma, self esteem issues, and many more.
  • Health Benefits – It may be surprising, but EFTs can help us lose weight. Yes, Tapping for Weight Loss is a popular way to lose weight by controlling the emotions that lead to emotional eating. Emotional eating usually means eating even when we are not hungry actually. So, unnecessary eating habits often lead to weight gain. Insomnia can also be treated with EFTs. In addition, EFT Tapping also releases positive energy within our body, which provides us relief from pain more easily.
  • Quality of Life – EFTs can help us experience the feeling of joy and happiness by charging our body circuits with positive energy. The Tapping Solution is also effective in making us fearless and more spiritual.
  • Personal Development – Through EFTs, we can increase our efficiency dramatically. Yes, it can improve our performance in sports, business, and in many aspects of life. If someone feels shy or afraid of speaking in public due to lack of confidence the EFTs can be quite helpful. In short, EFT Therapy can add more weight to our personality.